The services described below are aimed to provide data that can be used to aid either in the business case system justification, in the reduction of design cycle times and provide the opportunity to achieve first pass design success

Device Characterization
Allows customers to evaluate their device performance utilizing Mesuro’s test platforms and gain experience of the WaveForm Engineering process. This process can aid in business case justification and provide confidence though verified data sets.
All parameters available in the test platforms can be measured, including DCIV, S-Parameters, Pin/Pout, Power and Efficiency Contours etc.
Please complete the device Characterization request form to initiate your quotation.
Model Generation
Produce behavioral models of your devices or circuits, by either adding to a Device Measurement Services session having us re-evaluate existing data sets.
Models can be produced in X ParameterTM or in Cardiff Model+ formats. formats can be easily utilized within EDA tools.