WaveForm Engineering Solutions

Mesuro's unique measurement solution integrates patented hardware with our WaveForm Engineering software suite to deliver rapid, accurate design information making first pass design success an engineering reality.


Waveform engineering has two main applications -


- Device Process Analysis – Here the ability to measure and engineer the terminal voltage and current waveforms allows a detailed understanding of the interaction of the RF performance of the device with the physical boundaries of the test device defied by the bias voltages and pinch-off. In addition to showing the performance of the test device this also offers the user the ability to probe the reason behind reduced performance.


- Power Amplifier design – Here the measured waveforms are used to drive the design, as fundamentally improving device efficiency is achieved by appropriately engineering the voltage and current waveforms at the current generator. This removes the random searches for optimum performance and ensures that nothing is left on the table! With the emergence of new analysis showing that there are continuous modes of operation, all offering the same efficiency performance, rather than distinct modes of operation as previously thought, the ability to view voltage and current contributions become even more important. In this way breakdown regions can be avoided leading to more reliable designs that are less likely to fail in the field. The aim of the system is to accurately reproduce the operating environment the device will ‘see’ in the final circuit, in this way we can avoid the need for iterative designs and move towards a ‘Right-First-Time’ design approach reducing time to market.


Mesuro’s testing techniques enable semiconductor and power amplifier engineers to have the information they need to deliver market winning PA solutions efficiently, on time and on budget.

The measurement system comprises a number of key components, many of which can be re-used from existing laboratory equipment.

 block diagram


The key hardware element to the WaveForm Engineering approach is the RFTS/Multiplexer assembly. This unit comprises all of the components required to provide the fundamental and harmonic impedance control to enable WaveForm Engineering. The patented multiplexer and bias tee networks are capable of handling up to 150W CW, over a broad bandwidth.

The external instrumentation can be configured using a variety of manufacturers’ models  allowing customers to maximise the return from invested capital and ensure sometimes expensive equipment is not tied to a specialist tool.